Wellness Brands

Melaleuca products have made a name for themselves by combining “what’s needed” with “what’s possible.” You’ll find them to be more effective than national brand products, making laundry rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, nurseries, and bathrooms safer and more enjoyable.

Delivering total wellness to your home, health, and family.

Everything we accomplish is done with an eye toward promoting the physical, environmental, financial, and personal wellness of those around us. This is The Wellness Company.

Melaleuca is proud of our careful ingredient choices that provide safer, effective, environmentally responsible products. EcoSense products rely on plant-derived, biodegradable ingredients, so they are reassuringly safer for both your home and the environment. EcoSense gives you the ability to clean your home, clothes, and dishes without compromise.

The Peak Performance Pack combines six powerful supplements that target free radicals, help reduce inflammation, and provide optimal nutrition to every major system in the body. It’s been proven in four human clinical studies to improve more than 25 key health markers.*

We unlock the most powerful ingredients found in nature; building on them through safe and effective science – creating high-performance products that enhance, not change; perfect, not cover up; highlight, not hide. This is Sei Bella

  • Renew®

    Only Renew Intensive Skin Therapy brings together the best of nature—like plant-based glycerin—and the best of science. The result is a unique, long-lasting formula gentle enough for everyday use but powerful enough for even the driest skin. Renew has been tested in two clinical studies as was proven to restore skin’s moisture barrier 17x better than the leading brand.

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  • MelaPower®

    Unlike other detergents, MelaPower doesn’t rely on caustic chemicals to remove stains. Instead, MelaPower uses three powerful stain-removing enzymes. One for protein, one for starch, and one to keep clothes from becoming dull and dingy. These natural, biodegradable ingredients lift stains from the fabric and put it into solution so it gently washes away. Your clothes look clean, fresh, and look newer longer!

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  • Pure™ Essential Oils

    We opened our doors in 1985 advocating the beneficial properties of Melaleuca Oil. For decades, we’ve shared the therapeutic benefits of essential oils with the world, perfecting our sourcing and testing methods every step of the way.

  • GC Control

    GC Control is a one-of-a-kind, clinically tested, low sugar, delicious shake. It’s specially formulated to put you in control of your junk food cravings, energy levels, and weight management efforts by reducing the spikes and crashes in your blood sugar. In a 56-day study, subjects reported feeling significantly better in several areas including: more energy, less fatigue, and reduced appetite.*

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.