At Melaleuca, we’ve put the POWER OF NATURE to work for more than three decades.

We rely on innovative scientific research to identify and amplify the many benefits of naturally based ingredients and use those discoveries to create products that outperform national brands.

In nearly every case, we find natural ingredients to be the best, most effective, and healthiest option. Of course, “natural” does not always mean safe or effective. In some cases, man-made compounds have been proven to be more effective or safer than raw, volatile natural sources. In our opinion, only natural ingredients sufficiently proven and documented as safe and effective should be used.

Each year, we spend millions of dollars on research to determine the best sources, the safest and most effective forms, and the optimal extraction processes to create or isolate natural extracts, essential oils, minerals, enzymes, and other natural compounds to optimize health and sustain the environment. Each year, we discover new secrets that nature is willing to share with us.

NATURE is in everything we do.

We are careful to use only safe, proven, and trusted ingredients - nothing harsh or dangerous. And nothing that would cause harm to you or your family. Science allows us to put nature to work.

Smarter Choices

By making smarter ingredient choices, we make safer, more effective, eco-friendly, and affordable products people love. As a result, each month almost two million customers shop at Melaleuca. If you want safer products that really work, come give The Wellness Company a try. It’s the smarter choice—the one choice you can make that can change everything.